Have you just purchased your own building or just leased out your own space?

If you think writing your business plan or getting funding is the biggest hurdle when it's time
to get your business off the ground, think again. You probably haven't even thought about
setting up your new office yet.

So what's the big deal?
Think about all the planning it takes to move in to a new home, equip it, furnish it, and decorate it—
and multiply that work times 10.

At Office Setup Solutions, our goal is to assist you through the process of setting up your new office
whether it is from your home or a large commercial building. We have hand-picked a professional group
of vendors to cover all the details — including, but not limited to voice and data equipment,
information technology, copier equipment, furniture, coffee and moving, just to name a few.

Please visit our services page for a complete listing.
Call Office Setup Solutions and let us do all of the work for you
so you can concentrate on running your business.